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We Strive To Make Each Event An Unforgettable Experience!

Minute To Win It

60 seconds! Do you and your team have what it takes?

Performed either with teams of no more than 5 or individual play. Competitors compete in individual events one at a time for the chance to move to the finals. Games are selected randomly by 5150 Productions and designed to move very quickly!

The show is fully produced by 5150 and professionally hosted by Philip Chancellor. Below is an example of the games.

Games subject to change. Many games NOT SHOWN!

Bucket Head

The contestant is given a bucket containing ping-pong balls. Standing at a foul line five feet away from a wall, the contestant must bounce ping-pong balls from the floor to the wall and back into a two-quart bucket affixed to the head. Five balls must land inside the bucket to complete the game.

Caddy Stack

The contestant is given three golf balls. The balls must be stacked vertically and they must stay upright for three seconds without falling.

Double Trouble

The Contestant must get two ping-pong balls to bounce from a table and into two glasses on a single throw.

Fish Head

Using a fishing rod, place a suspended lampshade on your head while blindfolded.


From a curtain rod, the contestant must hang SIX hangers one on top of the other so that no hook is resting in the corner of another hanger.

Dizzy Mummy

The contestant must unwind a single roll of toilet paper by executing a series of 360-degree spins until all of the paper has been unwound. If at any time the paper rips, the game is over.

Rapid Fire

The Contestant using only their hands must shoot rubber bands and knock a pyramid of six soda cans completely off a platform eight feet away.

Alternate Games:


Double Trouble

Contestant must get two ping-pong balls to bounce from a table and into two glasses on a single throw.

Wet Ball

The player must propel a balloon into a hula hoop held by someone can using only a spray bottle.

Shoe Fly Shoe

Toss shoe onto a table using only a foot. From 9 feet away


Games are provided by hosts and judged individually.

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