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Corporate Appreciation Awards – Are they important?

Corporate Appreciation Awards – Are they important? 800 533 Pedrotti's Ranch


Corporate awards in reality are not just for the receiving party. They are a boost for the company as a whole. They stress the companies commitment to not only employees but your industry. Corporate awards are a great boost for morale and foster competitiveness between both peers and at times departments depending on the types of awards given. Awards and the PR surrounding them can also boost your companies importance in their overall market.

The public relations announcements alone in journals across your industry and news related outlets can be great “advertising” that gives you a focus that otherwise might not have been achievable. They can give you that edge over a competitor that might not see awards as a vehicle for both internal morale, but also external promotion of the company overall. The free publicity alone is worth the award giving and ceremony.

Awards can also be a vehicle for employee retention. As we all know in business, money alone is typically not enough to retain top talent. Recognizing an individuals achievement and importance to the organization can be that boost needed to make them feel part of something bigger, more part of a team striving to reach a goal. You could say that an awards ceremony could be just as important as team building both within and between departments.

Pedrottis’ Ranch is an event center in San Antonio that has had the honor of hosting awards ceremonies for many companies. We have over 4 meeting rooms with space for up to 2000 guests and with over 20 years of experience our in-house event planners can help point you in the right direction for overall organization and execution.


Delight Your Guests!

Delight Your Guests! 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

When you invite someone to be your guest, customer or client, that invitation comes with responsibility. The responsibility falls on you to provide quality, interest, passion and commitment.

At Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch, we have made it part of our daily mission to delight our guests. We take this to heart and encourage you to do the same, regardless of what your mission is on a daily basis. Commit to the customers and clients you serve and show them that you are dedicated to creating a great service, product or experience. Keep in constant contact with your clients and always make sure you are on the same page with them. Your visions may not always perfectly align, but it is important that you understand what their expectations are – and then, you should work to exceed them.

Mistakes happen and you may experience some kinks in the planning and preparation for your client’s final product or experience. Therefore, it is also important to maintain an open line of communication.

Go the extra mile for your guests, clients or customers – whether it is a party you are planning, a project you are researching, a product you are developing or a cake you are baking. Show them your gratitude for the business. Thank them often and of course your own team and support system. When you are on the road to accomplishing your task-at-hand, take advantage of the diverse talents and abilities that you were bestowed with and put your best foot forward. With the “whatever it takes” mentality, you are sure to create a delightful experience for your guests.