Chopped Kitchen Sangria Style

A Spin Off the Hit Televeision Series Chopped

Bringing Food Network’s Hit TV Show to your guests.  Sangria Style.  Immediately with High Energy, your guests will be divided into groups and a team captain is selected.  The team captain is responsible for the group’s success or failure of the final product.  At your team table, you will find the basic ingredients to create and design The Perfect Sangria.  The team will now only have 30 seconds to grab additional ingredients and items from the general store with hands or bowl.  Here’s is the twist. Have you ever seen the show Cut Throat Kitchen?

The Professional MC introduces a few Sabotages to completely change the game.

The game is CONSTANTLY changing, and assuming ANYTHING is a recipe to certain DISASTER! We use the most clever game challenges you can imagine! From physical to mental, everyone will have a chance to participate in this event!

After the allotted time has passed each team must present there dish to the judges. We have the judges score the dishes on these criteria.

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Ingredients used
  • Attitude and personality of the team!

This show was designed to move FAST!! What you have just read is only a glimpse into this amazing team build. To protect our “recipe” we keep some elements are kept confidential until show time!

Chopping fruit during a cooking class for team building