Putting Others First

Putting Others First 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

We get it, you’re busy. You, just like the other billions of people in this world, have your own agenda, tasks to be completed and errands to run. We’ve all got to get something done for ourselves and our worlds. But what if we took some time to help someone else check something off of their list?

Every weekend I see a lot of weddings and with that comes a lot of happy brides and grooms celebrating their special day. We all know how hard they probably worked to make sure their wedding goes off without a hitch but what about all of the other people in the bridal party? Bridesmaids and groomsmen are the perfect example of putting others before yourself. They are the unsung heroes of weddings. Sure, a bride could put a wedding together on her own (if she had five years, and a lot of patience) but it’s the help of her bridesmaids that make her job a little easier. Picking out a venue, dresses, caterer and flowers is a lot more fun when you’re doing it with friends.

I think we should all follow the example of bridesmaids and groomsmen in our own lives. Every now and then, we should help someone cross a task off of their list instead of worrying about our own. It’s a gratifying experience to make a difference in someone else’s day because you cared about their needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small, people notice when you’re helping them and expecting nothing in return.

Wedding Wisdom: Tips for Cost Efficiency

Wedding Wisdom: Tips for Cost Efficiency 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

We recently hosted a Bridal Extravaganza with many brides-to-be in attendance. From much experience, we know that weddings come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We’d like to take this time to offer some tips for cost-saving tips for your special day.

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. An elegant wedding does not mean it has to be extravagantly expensive. There are many ways you can be cost efficient while keeping a classy and traditional look to your wedding.

Guests – Invite a sensible number of people to your very special day. Many couples feel obligated to do this, because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings. Pick the number of people that are right for you and your spouse-to-be.

Decorations– Allowing Mother Nature to decorate for you is one way to utilize creative décor. There are many elements of the great outdoors that can add to the ambiance of your dream wedding. We have hosted both indoor and outdoor weddings at Pedrotti’s. There is much to be said for the beauty of nature to serve as the perfect environment as you walk down the aisle to say “I do.” With the vibrant colors the various seasons bring, many decorations can be found in your own backyard.

Familial Resources – Let those close to you know that you’re looking for ways to keep your wedding cost-efficient. They may offer their own skills or ideas to help you save dollars here and there.

Car services:  Your great uncle with the classic Mustang may be willing to play chauffeur for the day.

Programs:  Your sister the computer graphics wiz might be able to create spectacular wedding programs on her computer.

Wedding Favors:  Your cousin can use her crafty talents to make some wine charms from materials at affordable arts & craft stores.

With the right people and a creative touch, you can turn your everyday wedding into a wedding no one will ever forget. By keeping your wedding at an appropriate scale and using creative solutions, you can create an amazing environment for all of your guests and most importantly the perfect celebration of your dreams.