Delight Your Guests!

Delight Your Guests! 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

When you invite someone to be your guest, customer or client, that invitation comes with responsibility. The responsibility falls on you to provide quality, interest, passion and commitment.

At Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch, we have made it part of our daily mission to delight our guests. We take this to heart and encourage you to do the same, regardless of what your mission is on a daily basis. Commit to the customers and clients you serve and show them that you are dedicated to creating a great service, product or experience. Keep in constant contact with your clients and always make sure you are on the same page with them. Your visions may not always perfectly align, but it is important that you understand what their expectations are – and then, you should work to exceed them.

Mistakes happen and you may experience some kinks in the planning and preparation for your client’s final product or experience. Therefore, it is also important to maintain an open line of communication.

Go the extra mile for your guests, clients or customers – whether it is a party you are planning, a project you are researching, a product you are developing or a cake you are baking. Show them your gratitude for the business. Thank them often and of course your own team and support system. When you are on the road to accomplishing your task-at-hand, take advantage of the diverse talents and abilities that you were bestowed with and put your best foot forward. With the “whatever it takes” mentality, you are sure to create a delightful experience for your guests.


The Disney Key to Hospitality

The Disney Key to Hospitality 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Customer service in the hospitality business is a key element for any successful business. Walt Disney has discovered one of the best formulas to a successful customer relations atmosphere. The Disney way has been a benchmark for customer service for more than twenty years. The Disney corporation maintains four keys to its customer service methodology that helped it to become the customer service leader it is today.

  1. Legendary attention to detail
  2. Exceed  expectations
  3. Theme, theme, theme
  4. Be guest-centered

Disney encourages a solid, well thought out recovery response to any and all customer complaints. When things go wrong, this allows the employee to transform an unhappy customer from a one-time user to a loyal customer. Problems are viewed as a chance to create an opportunities. Many employees view a problem as a hassle or a negative event and do not realize that is a unique opportunity to improve the image of the company.

One of the biggest principles that Disney practices is employee relations. They encourage employees to demonstrate spectacular relations with their guests and also their fellow co-workers. Treating each other the same way that the employees would treat a guest is a beneficial way to boost morale within the internal workings of a business.

Disney’s formula is:

A quality guest experience + a quality cast experience + quality business practices = THE FUTURE

Practicing sensational customer service, such as courtesy and etiquette, can and will improve your company and its image. Have a helpful attitude and accommodate each guest who enters your doors, and you will find success.

Foe to Fan

Foe to Fan 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

With a constant changing of wants and needs, 100 percent customer satisfaction is something that is incredibly hard to accomplish. There is always something a customer can find wrong with a prodcut or service. It is in our mindset as humans to always pick out the imperfections. We are constantly on the lookout to report things that are going wrong – rather than right.

Do not let this fact deter you or your employees from trying to make a foe into a fan of your company – and doing everything in your power to master the art of brilliant customer service.

Customers are commonly dissatisfied not specifically with price or product, but by a past experience that has given them a reason to nitpick. Many “difficult” customers become that way because of previous occurrences, which may not have even been your company’s fault to begin with. However, we do know that whether it was your fault or not, they will find a place for the blame. Here are a few tips to better help you turn that foe into a fan:

Take Charge of the Situation – It is easy to get trapped when a customer has complaints, but take a deep breath and stay calm. When customers find reasons to complain, this is a sign that they want and need to be heard. If you stay calm and let them voice themselves, they will respect that you took the time to listen and address any  issues – and that you remained composed throughout the process. Give them a reason to cheer rather than jeer. Make them a fan.

Importance – Every customer wants to be tended to and know they are important – because after all, they are important. Following up with customers who feel they have been wronged is a professional and effective way to turn that befuddled customer into a happy customer. There are a number of companies and services who do not make their customers and clients feel important. Dare to be different and cater to the importance of each consumer. They are the essence of your company’s well-being.

Give More to Get More – Giving a customer more than they paid for is often a good strategy to transition a one-time customer into repeat customer and cheerleaders for your company. Customers are accustomed to getting what they paid for, so if you give them more than what they paid for you will see a world of difference in the customers who keep coming back for more.

Making the shift from foe to fan really revolves around the basics of listening and paying attention to the details. Make all the positive difference you can for everyone that walks through your door. You are sure to see those faces coming back for better experiences time and time again.


Satisfied? 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Customers shop to be satisfied. Sometimes they are satisfying a need, and sometimes they are satisfying a desire. When it comes to business, the main goal is frequently to keep the customer satisfied. Seems simple, right?

The customer is coming to you to fill that desire, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is only the product that they desire. Many customers are seeking to fulfill a desire more than the product itself. The staff is an important key to maintaining the satisfaction of the customer. You can have an amazing product, but with horrible customer service that product will never meet its true potential.

There are some key ways that you can keep a customer satisfied:

Promises – Companies can make many promises to its customers, but a great company is a company that can keep those promises. Make sure that any promises you make you can follow through with – this is a vital way to customer satisfaction.

Goals – It is always good to set goals not only as a company, but also encourage your co-workers and employees to set individual goals. Much success comes from setting goals and ultimately, achieving goals. Goals are very important to give direction in an organization.

Expectations – Always try to exceed expectations. If you can exceed the expectations of the customer you will ensure the satisfaction of that customer. Many companies have become well-known and highly recognized by exceeding the expectations of the customer which can lead to long term customers.

Attention – Pay attention to the needs of the customer. Sometimes their needs might not coincide with the business, but if you meet their needs they will constantly be satisfied. Although the bottom line is that profit is the key to success, without the customer you have no profit. The needs of the customer should always be the top priority of the company or business – particularly in the entertainment and event planning industry.

Value – Make the customer feel wanted. Value the customer. If you don’t, it will not be long before the customer or client parts ways with you. Show each individual client that they are significant and you appreciate his or her business. Give your customers the royal treatment, and provide an experience or a product that they will want to share with others. The dedication to a valued customer is not something to be taken lightly.

More than likely a customer can access your product or service from a variety of places. What is important is that you satisfy the wants and needs of the customer to ensure that they choose your product over the competitors. Show them your value by appreciating their value.