Set the Tone

Set the Tone 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Tone matters.

Regardless of what you are trying to get across with your words, your tone will establish a basis for your conversation. It does not matter if you feel positive – if you are using a negative tone, it will make it hard for individuals to receive the message in a positive manner. Without welcoming expression and body language, communication can be easily misinterpreted. Additionally, contradicting your tone and words can be very confusing and frustrating in your interaction – not only with your clients, but with any person receiving your words.

Online communication is becoming more relevant for companies especially using online help tools. Expression is especially important if communication is being done over the internet. Since there is no tone to hear, your words can be offset by grammar marks that contradict the words that you use. Often miscommunication through the internet or text is done by all capitalization, improper grammar or underuse/overuse of punctuation. Because the person cannot see you face-to-face, understanding your tone becomes a challenge.

Be self-aware and pay attention to your tone and expressions when using either vocal or written communication. Do your best to ensure that your tone coincides with the message you are trying to share. Improper communication can lead to unnecessary troubles – both professionally and personally. Proper communication is the key to proper customer service, regardless of whether your “customer” is your client, guest, friend or a stranger on the street. Let your tone to speak for itself.

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Is it Business or Personal?

Is it Business or Personal? 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

There are two different ways to communicate to a customer:

  1. The Personal Level
  2. The Business Level

In any interaction both business and personal alike, there are things you must consider before you communicate.

  • Attention – Pay attention to the little things.
  • Courtesy – Be courteous to the customer with every opportunity you receive.
  • Acceptance – Be accepting of the customer’s viewpoints.

No matter what your purpose is in the communication you must realize that you are speaking with a human and take this into consideration in your business level of communication. By ignoring the personal side of any interaction you will often find a customer upset at the lack of attention, even if you have achieved exactly what they requested.

Core company values should be communicated to the customer, whether directly or indirectly. Any communication should make the customer feel satisfied. By properly merging both of these personal and business communication styles you can be sure that you are making the customer feel cared for and still are able to bring the business into the picture in a positive light.

When a customer is upset the personal level should be the most important level in the way that you communicate to them. When someone is upset they want to be listened to and feel cared for and appreciated. The business level of communication might not show this care and attention that the personal level will. If you only show a rigid business perspective, people will often feel turned away from your brand.

Regardless of the situation – make sure that you use these two styles of communication in an appropriate manner. Determining the right communication for the right time is the key to delivering effective messages, discussions and conversations.

[Veterans Day Note: On this marvelous day – a special thanks to all of our veterans who served and are serving our country. We are appreciative of your sacrifice and devotion. Thank you!]

The Simple C’s of Relationship Building

The Simple C’s of Relationship Building 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Healthy relationships make for a healthy business. Make it a part of your every day work to feed and nurture relationships – old and new. Keep these four C’s in mind when you think about relationship in your daily business.

The Four C’s of Relationships:

  • Chemistry – Developing relationships that have strong chemistry can make both business and personal relationships more beneficial. Chemistry cannot be measured by numbers, but by the feelings in the relationships. Make sure you try to create a good chemistry in your relationships; this is particularly a positive attribute in business relationships.
  • Care – Caring for your business and your relationships can help you grow as an individual, both personally and professionally. Show everyone you come into contact with that you care about who they are and what they do. You will begin to see a stronger bond in your relationships through your positive attitude and care for humans when you treat them as individuals and keep their individual goals in mind.
  • Communication – Healthy communication is the key to healthy business. Without proper communication, many businesses would not be able to maintain customer service and clients with the same ease. Without communication, business would not be possible.
  • Commitment – Be committed to your relationships. Showing your commitment to friends and clients is a great way to strengthen relationships. Strong relationships, especially in business, are valuable to maintain faithful clients. The best way to create loyalty in relationships is through continued commitment, regardless of any circumstance.