Corporate Meetings – Hosting a successful exchange of information

Corporate Meetings – Hosting a successful exchange of information 1000 667 Pedrotti's Ranch

Corporate Meetings are an extremely critical piece of business. They are important for a company to have fluidity and cross-departmental communication. They are critical in brainstorming and idea generation not to mention the execution of strategy. These meetings are multipurpose. Meetings are a genuine way of sharing highly important communications and at the same time getting the necessary feedback that can make or break an organization. A meeting if coordinated and executed correctly can be a real boost of company morale and focus on corporate goals. A well ran meeting should not be the typical idea of a boring meeting just listening to one person talk and look at powerpoint slides. There may be time and place for a meeting of that sort, but honestly, in this day and age of fast communication, a video may be better.

Corporate Meetings consequently end up being where different parts of the business administration are talked about, the execution of the organizational strategy, the mission, and vision of the organization, the shortcomings of the organization, the obstacles and how to defeat them. Successful meetings include short introductions, structured presentation of information, and discussion. Great corporate meetings take time into consideration, and stay on point.

A well-conducted meeting is one that has everybody arrive on time, has an agenda, and has a leader making sure the agenda is followed as much as possible. Meandering around on side tangents is a sure way to kill a meeting and have everyone walk out wondering if anything was accomplished or learned. Everyone should receive a bulleted list of the agenda and in some instances, a timer may be necessary to make sure the meeting does not go over. There are two items that can help you to have a better meeting, a timer and a minute taker or video recording.

A timer may be the best way to keep those one or two people that do not express themselves succinctly from dominating the discussion. Respecting each other’s ideas in a meeting and truly discussing meeting topics can be the difference between a successful corporation one that implodes. A timer may be thought of as childish, but everyone has been in a meeting where the conversation was dominated by a few and most come out thinking the meeting was a waste of time and oxygen.

A minute taker is responsible for documenting the entire meeting and afterward sharing everything that was discussed along with necessary visual aides. In our modern world, the meeting can be videotaped and this video can be shared with members privately or within a corporate hierarchy. A special server can be set up for this type of video sharing and there are services that exist on the internet. Most videos can have transcripts produced either electronically or human transcription. Having this record of the meeting allows each attendant to know what ideas were discussed, what strategy was developed, who is responsible for what, etcetera, depending on what was being discussed.

Meetings do not have to be all drab. The can be off-site and consist of a huge main motivational meeting then break outs for the smaller groups. This is the specialty of Pedrotti’s Ranch Event Center. We’ve provided meeting space, meals, and entertainment for companies such as RBFCU, HEB, Valero, Nestle, and USAA. And while it’s nice to see huge companies utilizing our meeting space and services we can help companies from 50 members to 2000. You have access to Audio/Visual, Wifi, and huge rooms that can be sectionalized. With over 20 years helping companies with their corporate meetings you can be assured we can help you have a successful meeting.

The Power of Empowerment

The Power of Empowerment 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Whether you have a handful of employees or thousands of employees, each of them wants to feel needed and appreciated. Without the feeling of being unique and special to the company, many employees will not put forth their best effort to go above and beyond expectations. Part of having well-driven employees is being able to put the drive into your employees. Empowerment will not only affect the nucleus of the company, but will reflect positive energy to the customer.

Employees must be empowered to successfully achieve the tasks and goals of their respective jobs. Empowerment can mean a lot of things to an employee, but ultimately, it deals with taking the time to give attention to the employees. A great way to improve sense of empowerment is to solicit feedback from your employees on how your company can better itself.

Who better to inform you on how to help the company than the people who take care of the company on a daily basis? Empowerment will not only allow the employee to better help customers and improve morale, but it will also free management’s time to focus on the operations of the corporation.

Many people know the frustration of having a problem and having to wait to see a manager in order to fix the problem. But empowering your employees to successfully handle problems will allow for enhanced customer service and overall customer satisfaction. Correcting a problem immediately will lead to less permanent problems in the future.

If the customer service team members are empowered, then the company will not only save a great deal of the employee’s time, but will also increase customer loyalty.

Water, Nurture, Empower

Water, Nurture, Empower 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Consider a blossoming tree. Its roots are generally not visible from the surface of the tree. There may be a few at the top, but the rest are below the ground working hard to sustain life for the tree. It is hard to know the status of each of the roots – if they are holding on by a thread, reaching out for others to try to gain stability or strengthening the tree by enhancing its growth and nutrients. Each root may operate separately, but they all have a common goal to give the tree life. In order to do this – they need to be watered, nurtured and empowered.

In a business sense, your team of staff and employees are the roots of your blossoming tree.

Water: In order to help the business grow and flourish, your staff members must be in an environment where they can thrive and use their best talents. Create a positive workspace for your team by ensure that they are comfortable with their creative work area and their operational work area, respectively. Help them help themselves by providing them with the appropriate tools they need to succeed. Ongoing communication is vital so you and the employee are always in sync.

Nurture: Encourage your team members. Cheer for them. Provide guidance for them when they need direction or correction, but remember to also pay attention to positive steps and good work. Tell them, “Job well done!” Take them to lunch on occasion. Lead by example – show them how to inspire others by inspiring them. Remember their birthdays. Show them your gratitude. Find out the best way that they receive this gratitude and tailor your encouragement and kudos to each of your employee’s needs.

Empower: When your employees progress and succeed, empower them to own their tasks and assignments. Before you provide your respective employees responsibility, be sure you have confidence that he or she has the right skills, knowledge and resources to do the job. Make sure you have expressed that to your employee. While your employees should feel empowered to succeed, they should also know they hold accountability for their work. And hold yourself accountable as well. It is okay to make mistakes, but you should coach your employees to accept responsibility and learn from those mistakes. In doing this, they will learn, grow and eventually be in the position where they can empower others as you have empowered them.