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First-Time Father

First-Time Father 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

In honor of International Men’s Month, our family’s new addition and last weekend’s Father’s Day celebrations, I’ve been thinking a lot about fathers and what it means to be one. In lieu of ties, golf gadgets and soap-on-a-rope, I’ve decided to blog about the joys of having a father and the great opportunity that comes with being a father.

Clarence Budington Kelland said, “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” I feel very blessed and privileged to have such an amazing father and I hope that I can be that to my son, Dominic. I learned a lot from my own father but mainly, I learned how to be a man by watching him do it first. I don’t think fathers truly understand their impact on their children until they are all grown up and they see themselves reflected in their child’s face and actions.

My father taught me about hospitality and how to treat others: with an open mind, with an open heart and with respect. I employ those same lessons each and every day at Pedrotti’s and will pass those same lessons on to my son. My father also taught me how to treat a woman. I strive to mimic the same kindness and compassion he shows my mother to my own wife each and every day.

I’m very excited about my opportunity to pass all of these incredible life lessons from my father, Louie, to my own son and to see how he shapes as a man. To all of the other fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day – celebrate it every day!

Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Mom! 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Have you ever noticed that when an athlete or unsuspecting person is captured on TV, the response is usually a wave and “Hi, Mom!”?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it is a big deal. Florists will be busy, the post office will be handling millions of greeting cards, phone lines will be buzzing, and children everywhere will be serving their moms breakfast in bed. Mom will love the burned toast and runny eggs – and won’t say a word about the mess in the kitchen.

I am so grateful for my Mom, Sue Pedrotti – who continues to be an inspiration to our family and all whose lives she touches. When you come to Pedrotti’s for a special occasion, your experience is memorable because of what Sue Pedrotti does. Ever behind the scenes, she is the one who makes sure everything is perfect – right down to washing and ironing the linens herself to make sure that every crease is correct.

Moms teach us valuable lessons that stay with us throughout our life. Moms are the conduits by which family traditions and values are passed from generation to generation. They give us our life and their influence stays with us for the rest of our years.

For all you have done and for all you do — thanks, Mom!