Let Humility Reside

Let Humility Reside 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Being humble is not always an easy task. It is natural to discuss what is going on in our lives, our businesses, our progressions and our accomplishments. It also seems innate to speak of the things that go wrong and to complain when things aren’t going exactly the way we wish.

For this reason, and many others, it is important to let humility to reside within us. I’ll speak specifically from a business perspective – when times are tough, it’s easy to gripe; when times are great, it’s easy to boast. That being said, in tough times, the best thing to do is press on and persevere. Take responsibility for what needs to be done, and do it. Work hard, do everything you can to improve and help others around you grow. Find the elements of the business you can change and develop creative ways to change them. You CAN make things happen, so put on a perseverant face and forge ahead. Don’t blame others, and don’t spend time finding faults. Take action, work hard and push through the tough times.

When things are going swimmingly with your business, it’s easy to want to shout it from the rooftops. And we all love to share good news! I am not suggesting that we should not showcase accomplishments, but it is important to remember to keep a humble mentality. Remember that you are where you are because of the people around you, the sacrifices that have been made for you, the parents or grandparents who have raised you – the reasons are truly endless.

Use the good times to take note of what went right and what you can continue to do to make the path ahead even greater. But rather than spending your time boasting about your accomplishments, instead spend it thanking those who helped you to achieve – your staff, your spouse, your friends, your customers. In your accomplishments, be happy and celebrate, but also be grateful, show your thanks and use your successes to make you work that much harder.

Be Thankful

Be Thankful 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

It’s the time of year that we are reminded most to give thanks and be thankful for everything that we have – the blessings, the people, the food, the challenges, the achievements. Thanksgiving allows us to come together with friends and family and celebrate all of the great things in life. We eat the best food we’ve had all year. We enjoy great company. We get to reunite with family and friends we haven’t seen since the previous holiday season. We have the whole weekend to watch some great football match-ups. We have the opportunity to recognize the gifts we have been given and be thankful.

With all of those things in mind, it is important to remember to make Thanksgiving a daily mindset. Give thanks for all that you have every day. It is always wonderful to annually celebrate on the fourth Thursday in November, but don’t let that be your only celebration of thanks. Be thankful every single day. You have so much to be thankful for, regardless of your situation. We have all been blessed with family, friends and our own form of “riches” (not in a monetary sense, but riches that are self-defined – the things that each day you live a better day).

Be thankful for your daily riches – it may be your morning coffee, blessings from above, nature’s landscapes, a phone call from a friend, a great sports game, a hug from a family member. Whatever it may be – remember to be thankful for the things that you have. If you are paying too much attention to what you don’t have, you’ll forget all of the things you have for which to be thankful.

Enjoy the holiday, embrace the family time, and continue the spirit of Thanksgiving on a daily basis!