Wedding Tips

Putting Others First

Putting Others First 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

We get it, you’re busy. You, just like the other billions of people in this world, have your own agenda, tasks to be completed and errands to run. We’ve all got to get something done for ourselves and our worlds. But what if we took some time to help someone else check something off of their list?

Every weekend I see a lot of weddings and with that comes a lot of happy brides and grooms celebrating their special day. We all know how hard they probably worked to make sure their wedding goes off without a hitch but what about all of the other people in the bridal party? Bridesmaids and groomsmen are the perfect example of putting others before yourself. They are the unsung heroes of weddings. Sure, a bride could put a wedding together on her own (if she had five years, and a lot of patience) but it’s the help of her bridesmaids that make her job a little easier. Picking out a venue, dresses, caterer and flowers is a lot more fun when you’re doing it with friends.

I think we should all follow the example of bridesmaids and groomsmen in our own lives. Every now and then, we should help someone cross a task off of their list instead of worrying about our own. It’s a gratifying experience to make a difference in someone else’s day because you cared about their needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small, people notice when you’re helping them and expecting nothing in return.

The Royal Treatment: San Antonio Wedding Style

The Royal Treatment: San Antonio Wedding Style 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

No matter where you turn this week, you’re not immune from hearing or seeing something about “The Royal Wedding” – uniting Prince William of Wales with longtime girlfriend, “commoner” Kate Middleton. You’re learning about their love story, the wedding arrangements, the guest list and proper etiquette. Even the groom’s cake recipe has been made public.

Why the interest on this side of the pond? It’s easy. Everyone loves a wedding, and many brides we work with don’t mind being “queen for a day.”

Even though our clients may not have royal blood, we still try to roll out the red carpet and give them the royal treatment when working to plan their event.

Here are some hints, based on an etiquette guide given out to guests invited to Will’s and Kate’s nuptials:

1. Don’t be late. In fact, be early for any appointments, tastings and walk-throughs.

2. Dress appropriately. Convey professionalism and respect for your clients. Wear business attire even if your clients might be in jeans and flip-flops.

3. Put the cell phone away and the office phone on “do not disturb.” Your focus should be solely on your client and their needs. The curtsey and bow rules are out (we are Americans after all), but there’s nothing wrong with an appropriate handshake to seal the deal.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

The clocks are about to spring forward, baseball is back, and temperatures are rising – all signs that spring has arrived.  Spring is also the time when you get the dead leaves out of your yard and gutters, trim dead branches from the trees and pull out the t-shirts and shorts from the back of the closet.

Spring cleaning may seem like a chore, but there’s just something that feels good about getting rid of the clutter and simplifying your life.  In addition to parting with the clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, books you haven’t read or “stuff” that just gathers dust, you can “prune” your life.

Why not think of doing the following?

  • Purge e-mail and computer files both at home and at the office.
  • At home, make it a family affair – get everyone in the house involved in purging and cleaning their stuff and make a family trip to a local charity donation station.
  • At work, take a day to purge the paper files. Keep two years’ worth of documentation in your office; send the rest to be scanned or shredded.
  • Focus on what’s important; eliminate unnecessary activities from your schedule.

Happy Cleaning!

Rest & Relaxation

Rest & Relaxation 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

The other day, as I hurried from one appointment to the next, I felt this strong throbbing in my head, it felt like a headache but it persisted when I stood up to walk around and then would subside when I sat. After a short session of self-diagnosing, I discovered that my headache may have been caused by something as simple as stress. With deadlines to meet and clients to please, our brains don’t realize that all this running around is doing a number on our bodies.  

Encountering stress on a day-to-day basis can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system and speed up the aging process. How does one combat all this stress? We owe it to ourselves to take some time each day and just relax.

Set aside some time every day, or for some, every week to dedicate to relaxing. It doesn’t need to be anything that takes up too much time or expense, just take a little time for yourself. Spend just 15-20 minutes outside in the fresh air. Try not to think about anything that’s going on. Some find it easier to imagine a calming place like the beach or some other favorite vacation spot. Leave the office and go for a drive around your part of town.

When you get home, leave your work and obligations at the office and spend time with those who mean the most to you.

Chances are, you’re already a superman or woman, give yourself a break, even heroes need to relax.

Wedding Wisdom: Tips for Cost Efficiency

Wedding Wisdom: Tips for Cost Efficiency 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

We recently hosted a Bridal Extravaganza with many brides-to-be in attendance. From much experience, we know that weddings come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We’d like to take this time to offer some tips for cost-saving tips for your special day.

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. An elegant wedding does not mean it has to be extravagantly expensive. There are many ways you can be cost efficient while keeping a classy and traditional look to your wedding.

Guests – Invite a sensible number of people to your very special day. Many couples feel obligated to do this, because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings. Pick the number of people that are right for you and your spouse-to-be.

Decorations– Allowing Mother Nature to decorate for you is one way to utilize creative décor. There are many elements of the great outdoors that can add to the ambiance of your dream wedding. We have hosted both indoor and outdoor weddings at Pedrotti’s. There is much to be said for the beauty of nature to serve as the perfect environment as you walk down the aisle to say “I do.” With the vibrant colors the various seasons bring, many decorations can be found in your own backyard.

Familial Resources – Let those close to you know that you’re looking for ways to keep your wedding cost-efficient. They may offer their own skills or ideas to help you save dollars here and there.

Car services:  Your great uncle with the classic Mustang may be willing to play chauffeur for the day.

Programs:  Your sister the computer graphics wiz might be able to create spectacular wedding programs on her computer.

Wedding Favors:  Your cousin can use her crafty talents to make some wine charms from materials at affordable arts & craft stores.

With the right people and a creative touch, you can turn your everyday wedding into a wedding no one will ever forget. By keeping your wedding at an appropriate scale and using creative solutions, you can create an amazing environment for all of your guests and most importantly the perfect celebration of your dreams.


Satisfied? 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Customers shop to be satisfied. Sometimes they are satisfying a need, and sometimes they are satisfying a desire. When it comes to business, the main goal is frequently to keep the customer satisfied. Seems simple, right?

The customer is coming to you to fill that desire, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is only the product that they desire. Many customers are seeking to fulfill a desire more than the product itself. The staff is an important key to maintaining the satisfaction of the customer. You can have an amazing product, but with horrible customer service that product will never meet its true potential.

There are some key ways that you can keep a customer satisfied:

Promises – Companies can make many promises to its customers, but a great company is a company that can keep those promises. Make sure that any promises you make you can follow through with – this is a vital way to customer satisfaction.

Goals – It is always good to set goals not only as a company, but also encourage your co-workers and employees to set individual goals. Much success comes from setting goals and ultimately, achieving goals. Goals are very important to give direction in an organization.

Expectations – Always try to exceed expectations. If you can exceed the expectations of the customer you will ensure the satisfaction of that customer. Many companies have become well-known and highly recognized by exceeding the expectations of the customer which can lead to long term customers.

Attention – Pay attention to the needs of the customer. Sometimes their needs might not coincide with the business, but if you meet their needs they will constantly be satisfied. Although the bottom line is that profit is the key to success, without the customer you have no profit. The needs of the customer should always be the top priority of the company or business – particularly in the entertainment and event planning industry.

Value – Make the customer feel wanted. Value the customer. If you don’t, it will not be long before the customer or client parts ways with you. Show each individual client that they are significant and you appreciate his or her business. Give your customers the royal treatment, and provide an experience or a product that they will want to share with others. The dedication to a valued customer is not something to be taken lightly.

More than likely a customer can access your product or service from a variety of places. What is important is that you satisfy the wants and needs of the customer to ensure that they choose your product over the competitors. Show them your value by appreciating their value.

Celebrating the Texas Spirit

Celebrating the Texas Spirit 150 150 Pedrotti's Ranch

Bareback bronco riding, barrel racing, bull riding and calf scrambles are staples of the rodeo scene, but the action is not limited to the dusty, faraway plains of Texas. If you follow the paved path just outside of Loop 1604 on Hausman Road, you will unearth a real Texas treat.

Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch is the iconic San Antonio event center that carries a history as big as the Lone Star State. Owner Louie Pedrotti and his team of skilled event planners, culinary experts and managers continue to blaze the trail they started three decades ago.

From its simple beginnings as a restaurant and catering company in 1971, the Pedrotti’s brand has evolved into one of the Alamo City’s definitive event destinations. Starting with a catering truck and a modest kitchen, the Pedrottis ran their off-premise catering business for 24 years before expanding and purchasing land. In 1995, the company staked its claim to the 25-acre plot that serves as its current home. It was a transition that gave life to a host of new developments at the company.

Two of the first facilities to open at the newly acquired location included the “Shooting Star,” a 12,000-square-foot building with no floor or heat and limited air conditioning, and the “Pedrotti’s Rodeo Arena.” In 2000, the growth continued with three additional facilities: the “Brokemill,” the “Patio Room” and the “Chuckwagon.” The Pedrottis added the spacious 24,000-square-foot facility, “Lone Oak,” in 2004, and purchased 20 additional acres in 2008.

In addition to the rodeo arena, Pedrotti’s currently has five event center facilities – all of which are heated and air-conditioned. From a floorless, open space and dirt arena, Pedrotti’s has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, the ranch hosts large-scale events for groups sizing anywhere from 200 to 2,000. The company works with major conventions with guests coming from across the country for weddings, holiday events and other corporate banquets for the likes of H-E-B, Nationwide Insurance and Eva Longoria Parker’s non-profit organization, Eva’s Heroes.

“It’s a pretty long way to travel,” Louie Pedrotti said. “It’s been a lot of fun on the way, and it’s also been a lot of work.”

Recently, Pedrotti’s entered the wedding market. When Louie and Sue Pedrotti’s son, Anthony Pedrotti, joined the team in 2007 as co-director of marketing, Pedrotti’s hosted only a handful of weddings each year. With Anthony’s arrival, and the expertise of Co-Director of Marketing Norma Diaz, the company moved to aggressively alter and adjust itself to meet the needs of brides, grooms and their guests, as well as to create a wedding wonderland. It was a decision that was met with success; wedding bookings have tripled, and clients are excited about the service.

“We took the approach to enhance one of our facilities to make it a little more elegant,” Anthony Pedrotti said. “Every bride- and groom-to-be wants to have a little bit of Texas flavor to their wedding in Texas, so we really hit the nail on the head; we combine glamorous elegance with some Texan flair.”

While the brides are booking at record pace, the Pedrottis continue to emphasize the importance of honesty and dedication, while providing clients with the events of their dreams. For Pedrotti’s, that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

“Every event is different, and every client is different,” Sue Pedrotti said. “You have to stay on your toes to make sure you take care of every need. It is very interesting putting all the details together for an event on paper, then seeing it all happen right in front of you.?It is like putting together a puzzle.”

The Pedrotti’s team is also committed to supporting several charitable causes, and this passion is reflected by the scores of non-profit organizations that book Pedrotti’s for fundraising events and celebrations. Clients include the Children’s Hunger Fund, the H-E-B Special Olympics, the Texas Justice Foundation, United Way and TEAMability, among many others.

“I believe the future holds success for Pedrotti’s,” Louie Pedrotti said.?“The next few years may be tough because of the economy, but we plan to stick to our core values we initiated when we started our business; and in doing that, we will survive together and become a better business because of it.”

The Pedrottis are committed to ensuring that each member of their staff, the vendors they work with and even their clients and guests feel like members of the Pedrotti family.

“I believe a family-owned business is the finest kind,” Sue Pedrotti said. “I believe this is why our business is successful, and why we have survived.?When we started this business, we started from nothing and built?it on our faith, integrity, knowledge and commitment to our goal and to each other.?We take care of everyone employed here as family.?Family is the one thing that you have forever.”

Simply put, the Pedrottis are on a mission to engage guests in the city, state and even across the nation to enjoy the Pedrotti’s experience.

“From the minute you make that first call or inquiry, you will notice things are a little different,” Anthony Pedrotti said.?“We are a small family trying to make the sometimes difficult task of putting together a private event as easy as possible for you. We’re a one-stop shop and a full concierge service.?Let us do all the work. Bring the guests, and we’ll take it from there.”

(Featured in July/August 2010 NSIDE Magazine: https://www.getnside.com/sa/magazine/medical/current/articles/1764-Pedrottis____North_Wind_Ranch/)