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Veteran’s Day

By 11/09/2011February 28th, 2020No Comments

Every year on November 11, Americans honor all of the soldiers, past and present, and their dedication to our nation’s freedoms and liberties for Veteran’s Day. A simple thank you to a veteran will do, but if you’re looking for some other ways to celebrate Veteran’s Day, we’ve listed some ideas for you and your family:

– Check your areas local event listings to see if there is a Veteran’s Day parade or ceremony. The Veteran’s Day National Committee organizes a number of events throughout the country that are free to attend. A full list of regional locations can be found on the Department of Veterans Affairs website. (

– Take part in a flag-raising ceremony. Stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the singing of the National Anthem. Local veterans’ organizations, such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, often participate with military banners and American flags.

– Make a donation. Whether it’s time or money, making a donation to a military charity, veteran’s center or hospital is another way that you can honor veterans. You can find a list of military-related charities on the Reconnect America website. (

– Make cards with your children thanking veterans or current soldiers and take them to a VA Hospital.

– If you have any veterans in your family, host a celebration in honor of them. Allow them time to tell any stories they have and put together a scrapbook or shadow box with their military memorabilia.

Finally, to all of the veterans, we at Pedrotti’s would like to extend a huge, “Thank You!” for all that you do for our great nation.