Rodeo Arena

You hear the announcer over the loudspeakers. The smell of the bulls and broncs meanders through the air and the crowd anxiously awaits on edge anticipating the opening of the gate, readying themselves for the upcoming battle of man versus a ton of fury.

A True Texas Rodeo

A professional announcer will keep you abreast of all the action, a flag setup, introduction of VIPs and officials, posting of the Colors, invocation and National Anthem. Enjoy the following attractions at the Pedrotti’s Rodeo.
Bull Riding

This is by far the most electrifying event in the sport as Cowboys go one on one with 2000 pounds of the meanest, most terrifying creatures on the face of this earth, “The Bucking Bull”. This stand-alone breed of cowboy will test his mettle against our hand-selected stock of bucking bulls. You’ll experience the chills, thrills, and spills of this 8-second ride and take home memories for a lifetime. From start to finish you’ll be on the edge of your seat during this heart-pounding event.

U.S. Marshall Drill Team

This high Speed Synchronized Drill on horseback will dazzle you with precision as the entire posse becomes one well-oiled machine.

Clown Act/Specialty Act

These athletes have a powerful commitment…the safety of the cowboys, but clowns just want to have fun! So they’ll take center stage and perform their craziest acts, all guaranteed to fill everyone with laughter and tickle that funny bone!

Bareback Bronc Riding

This is one of the most exciting events, you’ll cheer for the Cowboy to hold on for 8 seconds as he rides some of the most wretched and toughest Broncs in the sport.

Barrel Racing

These aren’t ordinary Ladies, they’re professional cowgirls and when they leave the alley they’re racing the clock, dust will fly as this is the fastest rodeo event; they want to make their run in the fastest time without touching the barrel. There are no amateurs here!


The Corral can be utilized for overflow options or party needs. With direct connection to both The Shooting Star.



16,200 SqFt.