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We welcome you back into our dining rooms.  Contactless Payment Options are available.  You will Order your food at the order counter with food protector in place and our safe and trained staff will serve you at the Pick Up Counter with the food protector in place.  Indoor Seating is available with more than six feet between tables and a limit of no more than six guests per table.  Outdoor Seating is also available and will comply with the appropriate Social Distancing Guidelines.

*Note about safety

  • Customers should self screen before Entering for any signs or symptoms of possible Covid-19
  • Maintain at least six feet of separation from other individuals not with in the same party
  • Wash and disinfect hands upon Entering or any interactions with employees or other customers or other items in our establishment

Questions? 210-695-3533

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  • Dine-In & Live Music: Saturday May 23rd starting at 5:30pm
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Anytime (order below)
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  • Pedrotti’s Famous BBQ and Street Tacos: (Dine-in or Take home)
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Pick-up •  Reheat •  Enjoy!
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[movedo_title heading_tag=”h4″ heading=”h5″ line_type=”line” margin_bottom=”20px”]How!?[/movedo_title]
  • Curbside Pick-up: If you’d like to pickup your food to take home and enjoy, please call to order or order online
  • Stay and eat with us: If you’re staying to eat with us, just come on by! (Check times on our social media)
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Order Online
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[movedo_divider padding_top=”25px” padding_bottom=”25px”][movedo_title heading_tag=”h4″ heading=”h5″ line_type=”line” margin_bottom=”20px”]Why?[/movedo_title]
  • You deserve it – you’ve been stuck at home for too long!
  • Everyone loves our BBQ, it’s Famous!
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