Company picnics can be a great source of work relationship building, appreciation towards the management, and a stress reliever. These may be more casual than the work environment, but they are still a challenge to plan well, as there are many things to keep track of and decide.

A realistic budget is the first thing that needs to be kept in mind, one that allows for the various activities that you may have planned on an outing of this kind. These are typically laid-back events, but they should not be cheaped out on. Choosing the perfect date is one of the most important steps. Avoid summer and winter months, since these tend to be outdoors, and in the same vein, do not choose a date during a major holiday or vacation. Weekdays are the best choice for better attendance. While traditional invitations can be spiced up by incorporating your theme, consider trying something new. Use social media to your advantage and make event pages wherever you can. Employees can use it to RSVP and connect with each other before the event happens.

All employees will, of course, be invited to this outing. Attendance will be higher if you involve family and it may be more appreciated if you do so. Parks are always available and good on the budget. Of course, you may also want to mix it up and go somewhere unexpected, like a lake. Whatever you choose, it should have good parking spaces.

The venue choice is crucial for the outing. To mix things up, consider holding your company picnic in an unexpected place. Some alternate ideas include the ranch, like Pedrotti’s, a lake, a community center, a ballfield, zoo, or even a campground. Just be sure to choose a place with plenty of parking. Themes can be especially important if your company picnic tends to be in the same location each year and are a lot of fun. They can even be incorporated into the invitations, decor, and the menu. Company picnics are the perfect opportunity to incorporate team building activities. Activities can be based around the theming of your event, if it is indeed themed. Kid-friendly activities should also be planned as well if families are invited.

Having great entertainment can create a great impression on the employees and even the families. Entertainment will probably be the center point or one of the highlights of this event, even with everything else you could have planned, so it is crucial to choose well. Something that will keep people talking and make the event something to remember would be the best choice. Make sure this is also family friendly as well, as family members could be listening and hearing everything! Pedrotti’s Ranch has relationships with many different entertainment options including our own private rodeo venue, which would be a unique option for a company picnic in San Antonio.