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We’re Open and Ready To Serve

We’re Open and Ready To Serve 800 489 Pedrotti's Ranch

How Pedrotti’s Ranch Weathers a Storm

When Covid-19 struck in March, Pedrotti’s Ranch lost all of their bookings and events at that time.  Pedrotti’s Ranch made the decision to not lay off any employee or issue any pay cuts.  Pedrotti’s Ranch spent the next few weeks wisely and made a few renovations, cleaned and organized storage rooms, had all of the facilities professionally cleaned and disinfected.   They even did two blood drives with South Texas Blood & Tissue.  

As the time went by and the whole world was sitting on the sidelines, Pedrotti’s found a way to serve the community.  Customer Service has always been ingrained in their DNA.  As Easter 2020 approached, they found a way to serve over 120 families a Fresh BBQ Dinner.  The response was an overwhelming A+.  On Monday April 27th Governor Abbot made the announcement that restaurants in Texas could re-open under the special guidelines.  So Pedrotti’s Ranch made another pivot.  Up until Friday May 1st, Pedrotti’s Ranch has never before been open to the public as a DineIn or Carry Out facility. 

The Pedrotti’s Family welcomes you back into their dining room.  Indoor Seating is available with more than six feet between tables and a limit of no more than six guests per table.  Outdoor Seating is also available under the Oaks and will comply with the appropriate Social Distancing Guidelines.  Curbside Pickup and To-Go Family Packs are also now available.  

Family Dinner at The Ranch

Family Dinner at The Ranch 800 448 Pedrotti's Ranch

BBQ, Street Tacos, and Live Music

We welcome you back into our dining rooms.  Contactless Payment Options are available.  You will Order your food at the order counter with food protector in place and our safe and trained staff will serve you at the Pick Up Counter with the food protector in place.  Indoor Seating is available with more than six feet between tables and a limit of no more than six guests per table.  Outdoor Seating is also available and will comply with the appropriate Social Distancing Guidelines.

*Note about safety

  • Customers should self screen before Entering for any signs or symptoms of possible Covid-19
  • Maintain at least six feet of separation from other individuals not with in the same party
  • Wash and disinfect hands upon Entering or any interactions with employees or other customers or other items in our establishment

Questions? 210-695-3533


  • Dine-In & Live Music: Saturday May 23rd starting at 5:30pm
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Anytime (order below)


  • Pedrotti’s Famous BBQ and Street Tacos: (Dine-in or Take home)
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Pick-up •  Reheat •  Enjoy!


  • Curbside Pick-up: If you’d like to pickup your food to take home and enjoy, please call to order or order online
  • Stay and eat with us: If you’re staying to eat with us, just come on by! (Check times on our social media)
  • BBQ To-Go Family Pack: Order Online



  • You deserve it – you’ve been stuck at home for too long!
  • Everyone loves our BBQ, it’s Famous!

Plenty Of Meeting Space and On-Site Parking

Plenty Of Meeting Space and On-Site Parking 1000 645 Pedrotti's Ranch

Pedrotti’s is a San Antonio convention event center located less than half a mile north of 1604 in La Cantera area of San Antonio. We’re 5 minutes from La Cantera and 15 minutes from downtown and the Stone Oak and Alamo Heights Areas of town. We have four main meeting rooms, two smaller meeting areas, two outdoor ceremony sites and a one-of-a-kind private rodeo arena. For over 25 years guests have enjoyed chef-prepared cuisine, hundreds of different indoor and outdoor activities and private rodeo events.

When you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, daytime meeting or fundraiser you’re going to need help and you’re going to need an event center with experienced event planners and plenty of room and parking for guests. You have access to event planners at Pedrotti’s with over 20 years experience. We’ve done pretty much any type of event including Casino Night fundraisers and huge weddings with elephants and hundreds of guests. Currently, we have space for up to 2000 guests in one huge space, this main space can be broken into three separate rooms. There’s also parking for over 1000 cars.

If you are planning a fundraiser, wedding, company picnic, or team building event come on out for a site visit to Pedrotti’s. You can see the rooms and most likely we’ll have at least one of our rooms set up so you can see linens and creative decor. We’ll sit down and make sure all the bases are covered in your estimate and ensure your event is successful. From audiovisual to live entertainment, we’re here for you and your guests.

Corporate Meetings – Hosting a successful exchange of information

Corporate Meetings – Hosting a successful exchange of information 1000 667 Pedrotti's Ranch

Corporate Meetings are an extremely critical piece of business. They are important for a company to have fluidity and cross-departmental communication. They are critical in brainstorming and idea generation not to mention the execution of strategy. These meetings are multipurpose. Meetings are a genuine way of sharing highly important communications and at the same time getting the necessary feedback that can make or break an organization. A meeting if coordinated and executed correctly can be a real boost of company morale and focus on corporate goals. A well ran meeting should not be the typical idea of a boring meeting just listening to one person talk and look at powerpoint slides. There may be time and place for a meeting of that sort, but honestly, in this day and age of fast communication, a video may be better.

Corporate Meetings consequently end up being where different parts of the business administration are talked about, the execution of the organizational strategy, the mission, and vision of the organization, the shortcomings of the organization, the obstacles and how to defeat them. Successful meetings include short introductions, structured presentation of information, and discussion. Great corporate meetings take time into consideration, and stay on point.

A well-conducted meeting is one that has everybody arrive on time, has an agenda, and has a leader making sure the agenda is followed as much as possible. Meandering around on side tangents is a sure way to kill a meeting and have everyone walk out wondering if anything was accomplished or learned. Everyone should receive a bulleted list of the agenda and in some instances, a timer may be necessary to make sure the meeting does not go over. There are two items that can help you to have a better meeting, a timer and a minute taker or video recording.

A timer may be the best way to keep those one or two people that do not express themselves succinctly from dominating the discussion. Respecting each other’s ideas in a meeting and truly discussing meeting topics can be the difference between a successful corporation one that implodes. A timer may be thought of as childish, but everyone has been in a meeting where the conversation was dominated by a few and most come out thinking the meeting was a waste of time and oxygen.

A minute taker is responsible for documenting the entire meeting and afterward sharing everything that was discussed along with necessary visual aides. In our modern world, the meeting can be videotaped and this video can be shared with members privately or within a corporate hierarchy. A special server can be set up for this type of video sharing and there are services that exist on the internet. Most videos can have transcripts produced either electronically or human transcription. Having this record of the meeting allows each attendant to know what ideas were discussed, what strategy was developed, who is responsible for what, etcetera, depending on what was being discussed.

Meetings do not have to be all drab. The can be off-site and consist of a huge main motivational meeting then break outs for the smaller groups. This is the specialty of Pedrotti’s Ranch Event Center. We’ve provided meeting space, meals, and entertainment for companies such as RBFCU, HEB, Valero, Nestle, and USAA. And while it’s nice to see huge companies utilizing our meeting space and services we can help companies from 50 members to 2000. You have access to Audio/Visual, Wifi, and huge rooms that can be sectionalized. With over 20 years helping companies with their corporate meetings you can be assured we can help you have a successful meeting.

Thinking about a Texas Ranch Wedding

Thinking about a Texas Ranch Wedding 1000 665 Pedrotti's Ranch


A Texas Ranch Wedding is a very special Texas tradition. Getting married under majestic oaks, especially on a warm spring or sultry Texas summer day is truly a blessing. Imagine a breeze meandering through the leaves of the oaks while you say your vows and listen to the minister bless your union. You both say I do, the crowd applauds and you’re married. Congratulations are given, hugs are aplenty and next comes pictures then the reception. The reception can be as Texas Chic or elegant as you desire. It’s all based on your dream vision of what you’ve always envisioned as your perfect day.

Pedrotti’s Ranch has over 30 years of serving up the best wedding planning, cuisine, and live entertainment available in the entire San Antonio Metro area. Best of all we do not charge extra for helping you out with your ranch wedding. You can imagine the burden that will be lifted from your shoulders having some help in having a ranch wedding venue that is truly an all-encompassing wedding destination. You’ll have someone supporting you for the hiccups that may come up in the planning of your wedding and have backup to help you pick out the perfect wedding menu, entertainment, and decor. We even have relationships with several cake makers in the San Antonio area that are tried and true professionals in their craft. Our goal is to make sure you have one of the most memorable days of your life and your satisfaction is 100% perfect.

Getting started with Pedrotti’s Ranch Event Center is easy. You can pick up the phone and dial (210) 695-3533 or get started with our convenient short and simple online form. Give us a description in the form of your perfect day and we’ll have a wedding professional contact you.


One-of-a-kind outdoor wedding venue in San Antonio, Texas

One-of-a-kind outdoor wedding venue in San Antonio, Texas 1000 622 Pedrotti's Ranch


Finding a great outdoor wedding venue in San Antonio can be daunting. There is so much to plan just for the wedding, but perhaps one of the most important choices is where are you going to have your wedding and reception? For those that are wishing to have both the wedding and reception in one place, then Pedrotti’s may be the perfect choice. You’ll find two incredible spaces at Pedrotti’s for outdoor weddings.

Both garden areas are strategically located to airconditioned venue spaces that can fit all of your guests comfortably for the reception or if the outdoor reception is rained out. Up to 200 guests can be comfortably seated in either outdoor venue and both are shaded by majestic oaks. This allows you to have that spring or summer wedding and still not have your guests endure the full Texas sun on a non-cloudy day. You truly will have the perfect wedding day at Pedrotti’s. Not only do you get outdoor wedding venue space, but there are professional wedding planners on-site. Check out the Wedding Reception Photo Gallery.

Over 20 years of wedding planning experience is available to help you plan every detail of your wedding. From entertainment to perfectly cooked cuisine, you’ll find an abundance of services that you’d normally have to contract out. You have access to many linens with varying arrangements. We have table uplighting for the dramatic effect. We’re TABC licensed and fully insured so you know your guests will receive the utmost care and attention. If you’re planning a wedding over the next year, give us a call at (210) 695-3533 or come by for a site visit.  You can also use the online form for getting started with a wedding estimate.


Top 5 Checklist For Finding The Perfect Corporate Event Venue

Top 5 Checklist For Finding The Perfect Corporate Event Venue 1280 672 Pedrotti's Ranch


Planning a corporate event can be a challenging task. Choosing the right corporate event venue can smooth out many of the decisions that must be made in order to pull off the perfect event. Below you’ll find five of the most important tips in searching and deciding on a space.

Overall Vision

Be sure to have a planned vision for your event. This will serve as a baseline when you contact event venues. You’ll be able to omit venues that do not have elements that fall in-line with your overall event vision. You’ll be more prepared to ask questions in order to streamline the process of choosing the perfect venue.

One Point of Contact

A single point of contact is crucial to pulling off the perfect event. You have one point of responsibility and you’ll be able to ask about their specific experience with corporate events similar to yours. You will no have to jump through hoops trying to get answers to crucial questions and you’ll be able to build a relationship with your internal event planner.

In-House Services

Choosing an event venue that has a large selection of in-house services can make your life much easier. Trying to find entertainment options, catering companies, a/v technicians, linen providers, room decorators, well the list goes on, can really pull you in many directions. Relying on your in-house corporate event services will help in the decision process. Be sure to ask about overall experience in each area to make sure the in-house services are up to the quality level you expect.

Pin Down The Date

Many events are planned years in advance. Knowing your exact dates will allow you event venue search to roll along smoothly. Juggling event dates can affect your overall pricing. Many event venues charge different prices a peak times of the year, such as late November and the first two weeks of December. These dates are considered peak because of company holiday events and awards ceremonies. You’ll want to explore specific holidays around your dates chosen to make sure they do not conflict with long weekends based on religious events or even national holidays.

Get It All In Writing

You’ll want to make a checklist long before the event and have all responsibilities between you and your corporate event venue assigned. This must be a list with each and every detail planned out. Events can have hiccups based on details not discussed. This is why having an experienced corporate event venue planner in-house is crucial. All details need to be written into the eventual contract you’ll sign with the event company. Relying on verbal agreements is not conducive to executing the perfect event

Final Thoughts

Our list is just a few of the elements that are involved in the planning and execution of a successful corporate meeting, picnic, teambuilding functions or corporate awards ceremony. Event planning is all about the details. Everything must be planned down to the number of forks by the plates and the number of staff. You’ll come to find that choosing a corporate event venue is much easier when you can rely on the experience of the venue you choose or the in-house event planner.



stage of events at a fundraising event

Corporate Appreciation Awards – Are they important?

Corporate Appreciation Awards – Are they important? 800 533 Pedrotti's Ranch


Corporate awards in reality are not just for the receiving party. They are a boost for the company as a whole. They stress the companies commitment to not only employees but your industry. Corporate awards are a great boost for morale and foster competitiveness between both peers and at times departments depending on the types of awards given. Awards and the PR surrounding them can also boost your companies importance in their overall market.

The public relations announcements alone in journals across your industry and news related outlets can be great “advertising” that gives you a focus that otherwise might not have been achievable. They can give you that edge over a competitor that might not see awards as a vehicle for both internal morale, but also external promotion of the company overall. The free publicity alone is worth the award giving and ceremony.

Awards can also be a vehicle for employee retention. As we all know in business, money alone is typically not enough to retain top talent. Recognizing an individuals achievement and importance to the organization can be that boost needed to make them feel part of something bigger, more part of a team striving to reach a goal. You could say that an awards ceremony could be just as important as team building both within and between departments.

Pedrottis’ Ranch is an event center in San Antonio that has had the honor of hosting awards ceremonies for many companies. We have over 4 meeting rooms with space for up to 2000 guests and with over 20 years of experience our in-house event planners can help point you in the right direction for overall organization and execution.


Unique ideas for your next company picnic in San Antonio

Unique ideas for your next company picnic in San Antonio 500 333 Pedrotti's Ranch

Company picnics can be a great source of work relationship building, camaraderie, employee commitment, and teamwork. These may be more casual than the work environment, but they are still a challenge to plan well, as there are many things to keep track of and decide. A great company picnic will express your commitment to family and will also give you the opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. Not to mention the goodwill expressed by employees and your overall boosting of morale and company spirit. It gives your employees the reward of knowing the company sees them as more than just a number.

One of the first elements of planning a company picnic is to set a budget. You’ll want to think about the number of activities wanted and the overall number of people that are attending the event. A good rule of thumb is to start at about $20.00 per person. This would include activities, food, and entertainment. Of course, the per person price is dependent on the total number of activities, type of entertainment, and food choices, not to mention AV system setup etc.. and Choosing the perfect date is one of the most important steps. Many companies may avoid summer months unless you have ample air-conditioned space like Pedrotti’s Ranch.

All employees will, of course, be invited to this outing. Attendance will be higher if you involve family and it may be more appreciated if you do so. Of course, you may also want to mix it up and go somewhere unexpected or in the case of Pedrotti’s choose a private rodeo for a unique entertainment event

Having great entertainment and activities can create a great impression on the employees and families. Entertainment will probably be the center point or one of the highlights of this event, even with everything else you could have planned, so it is crucial to choose well. Something that will keep people talking and make the event something to remember would be the best choice, like a private rodeo or a great band.


Convention or Event Planning – For more than a few it can be daunting.

Convention or Event Planning – For more than a few it can be daunting. 800 533 Pedrotti's Ranch

Planning a party or convention takes a fair amount of preparation to manage correctly. For even a small amount of people, it may be quite difficult to execute your plans without any errors, but what if you had to plan for 50 people, or 100, or even 200 people? Planning and preparation would instantly become substantially more difficult than it was for your average smaller meeting.

To begin, a clear, extensive list of invitees is crucial to the success of your preparations. Execution of an event can be difficult enough as is, but with a mismanaged list of attendees, it would be near impossible to get the other aspects correct, and beyond this, to manage a number of people that will be utilizing your setup. After this, set a date and mark it on your calendar to be prepared for the event. Along with the date, invitations must be sent out to your list of people to let them know exactly what the plans are.

Invitations and lists are important, but you can’t have a party without one essential thing, food. Including beverages, the entire menu must be fully listed and clear to your entire gathering. If it is unclear, you may become overwhelmed by constant issues arising where you would never be able to get away from requests and questions raised about your offerings. To secure this, you would obviously wish to shop for your items and needs and plan your cooking schedule for your extensive list of offerings, as well as shop for general equipment like rental chairs, tables, and whatever else you may require to build the partying experience that you desire it to be.

If you want good experiences, make sure to remember your room layouts, music, and lighting. To ensure that your attendee’s experience does not become so boring that they wish to leave, the visual and emotional appeal must be present. Music choice and the way you have lit your surroundings make for an excellent appeal that will give your partiers yet another aspect to stick around for. A bland and uninteresting setting may severely dampen or weaken the mood of your guests, or could outright ruin the party that you were hoping to have when the idea for it was formed. General decorations like centerpieces and table covers also may contribute to this feeling. In addition, have platters, serving pieces, plates, and utensils for your guests. For hindsight’s sake, check your stock of cleaning supplies for before and after the event as well, lest you have a huge mess that is difficult to clean and tidy up.

After any party, it’s a fine idea to record both how much was left over from the event and what guests liked and didn’t like. This information will be a big contributor to your following event, whatever it may happen to be.

As you can see this party planning can get cumbersome, this is where Pedrottis comes into play. We can host and help you plan your corporate convention or party from hosting to food and entertainment. Let us do the heavy lifting for your next convention or party and you can sit back and enjoy.