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A Texas Ranch Wedding is a very special Texas tradition. Getting married under majestic oaks, especially on a warm spring or sultry Texas summer day is truly a blessing. Imagine a breeze meandering through the leaves of the oaks while you say your vows and listen to the minister bless your union. You both say I do, the crowd applauds and you’re married. Congratulations are given, hugs are aplenty and next comes pictures then the reception. The reception can be as Texas Chic or elegant as you desire. It’s all based on your dream vision of what you’ve always envisioned as your perfect day.

Pedrotti’s Ranch has over 30 years of serving up the best wedding planning, cuisine, and live entertainment available in the entire San Antonio Metro area. Best of all we do not charge extra for helping you out with your ranch wedding. You can imagine the burden that will be lifted from your shoulders having some help in having a ranch wedding venue that is truly an all-encompassing wedding destination. You’ll have someone supporting you for the hiccups that may come up in the planning of your wedding and have backup to help you pick out the perfect wedding menu, entertainment, and decor. We even have relationships with several cake makers in the San Antonio area that are tried and true professionals in their craft. Our goal is to make sure you have one of the most memorable days of your life and your satisfaction is 100% perfect.

Getting started with Pedrotti’s Ranch Event Center is easy. You can pick up the phone and dial (210) 695-3533 or get started with our convenient short and simple online form. Give us a description in the form of your perfect day and we’ll have a wedding professional contact you.