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Company picnics can be a great source of work relationship building, camaraderie, employee commitment, and teamwork. These may be more casual than the work environment, but they are still a challenge to plan well, as there are many things to keep track of and decide. A great company picnic will express your commitment to family and will also give you the opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. Not to mention the goodwill expressed by employees and your overall boosting of morale and company spirit. It gives your employees the reward of knowing the company sees them as more than just a number.

One of the first elements of planning a company picnic is to set a budget. You’ll want to think about the number of activities wanted and the overall number of people that are attending the event. A good rule of thumb is to start at about $20.00 per person. This would include activities, food, and entertainment. Of course, the per person price is dependent on the total number of activities, type of entertainment, and food choices, not to mention AV system setup etc.. and Choosing the perfect date is one of the most important steps. Many companies may avoid summer months unless you have ample air-conditioned space like Pedrotti’s Ranch.

All employees will, of course, be invited to this outing. Attendance will be higher if you involve family and it may be more appreciated if you do so. Of course, you may also want to mix it up and go somewhere unexpected or in the case of Pedrotti’s choose a private rodeo for a unique entertainment event

Having great entertainment and activities can create a great impression on the employees and families. Entertainment will probably be the center point or one of the highlights of this event, even with everything else you could have planned, so it is crucial to choose well. Something that will keep people talking and make the event something to remember would be the best choice, like a private rodeo or a great band.


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