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Broaden Your Tunnel Vision

By 09/17/2010February 28th, 2020No Comments

There has been a shift in recent past of the focus of corporate vision. Previously, employees of corporations operated under a left-brained, one-way system. Many managers did not use a right brain style of management because that style has emotion and critical thinking.

There has been a new age created within management – the conceptual age. This perspective still uses numbers and left-brained thinking, but it also embraces right-brained, inventive thinking. Conceptual thinking demonstrates that you do not always have to follow the script of a play as long as the book has the last scene plays out the way it should – a different means to the same, positive end.

Many managers, coaches and leaders will find themselves stuck in the mindset that there is one way and it is the only way. What they do not realize is that new ideas keep a company motivated and forward-thinking. The constant innovation of ideas allows a company to become more efficient and resourceful, translating into increased initiative and enhanced production.

Break out of your tunnel vision. Find new ways to create positive and progressive results. Brighten the internal and external image of your company and take risks. Listen to all of the voices of your company – not just one. Each of the members of your corporate team has a different background with a plethora of experiences and ideas. Encouraging the use of these ideas can amount to great things. It’s time for all of use to broaden our vision.