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Corporate awards in reality are not just for the receiving party. They are a boost for the company as a whole. They stress the companies commitment to not only employees but your industry. Corporate awards are a great boost for morale and foster competitiveness between both peers and at times departments depending on the types of awards given. Awards and the PR surrounding them can also boost your companies importance in their overall market.

The public relations announcements alone in journals across your industry and news related outlets can be great “advertising” that gives you a focus that otherwise might not have been achievable. They can give you that edge over a competitor that might not see awards as a vehicle for both internal morale, but also external promotion of the company overall. The free publicity alone is worth the award giving and ceremony.

Awards can also be a vehicle for employee retention. As we all know in business, money alone is typically not enough to retain top talent. Recognizing an individuals achievement and importance to the organization can be that boost needed to make them feel part of something bigger, more part of a team striving to reach a goal. You could say that an awards ceremony could be just as important as team building both within and between departments.

Pedrottis’ Ranch is an event center in San Antonio that has had the honor of hosting awards ceremonies for many companies. We have over 4 meeting rooms with space for up to 2000 guests and with over 20 years of experience our in-house event planners can help point you in the right direction for overall organization and execution.


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