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Hosting the Perfect Summer Soiree

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Hosting events in the summer can be a ton of fun, but in places with extreme heat (like Texas,) we have to make sure we are adapting to the climate. Here are a few easy tips to make sure your summer soiree is an event to remember!

Keep your event cool by having plenty of beverages (and ice!)
I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but it is hot here in San Antonio and the easiest way to feel cool is to sip on an ice cold beverage. It doesn’t matter if your guests are simply walking outside, chatting or playing, they’re going to get thirsty. You can never have too many beverages to offer. From soft drinks to blended drinks, there’s never enough in the summer. Most importantly, remember to include water in your arsenal of thirst-quenchers, it’s usually a hit and you can never go wrong with H2O (especially the drinks you want to serve the most may not be the most hydrating)!

Think about lightening your menu for the hotter summer months
Use as many fresh, seasonal ingredients in your menu as possible. As thirsts increase during the summer, appetites for heavy recipes shrink. Opt for salads and grilled food in place of stews and casseroles. Not only will your guests welcome the seasonal change, you’ll find it’s much quicker and cooler to prepare this food in the hot weather. Fresh fruit and vegetable trays with a side of toothpicks are also great ways to keep your guests feeling full and light. The fruits and vegetables add an amazing splash of color to any menu.

Keep the fine china and silverware indoors

If you don’t already own some cheaper plastic dinnerware, now is the time. The dishes will not only be lighter for your guests, but if they fall on the ground, crack, or get lost, it won’t break your bank. Most homeware stores carry a line of fun and festive summer dishes, and they’re usually not too expensive.

Let your guests know the dress before the event
Your guests will appreciate an invite that reads ‘casual dress,’ and it will give them the OK to break out the shorts, flip flops and summer sundresses. Unless you’re hosting a wedding, there’s usually never a reason to have your guests dress up in the scorching heat.
Give your guests the option of escaping the sun
Make sure there’s an area that’s not in the direct sunlight. Whether you’re using a tent, patio or even just some chairs placed beneath a tree, guests looking to retreat in a shaded area will appreciate the thought.

Remember food safety
Always keep cold food chilled and hot food heated. Summer heat can easily turn delicious foods into a stomachache or could lead to a much more harmful consequence.

The 100 degree temperatures are not stopping any time soon, so be sure you take the heat into consideration as you plan your events for the rest of the summer.

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