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Invest in Your Community

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In the last two weekends, we have hosted the Tony and Eva Parker Celebrity Casino Night and the Children’s Hunger Fund Banquet. It has truly been an honor to work with so many amazing people. Investing back into your community is a great way to improve morale, help the community and really give back to the city that has supported the collective you. It is phenomenal to see so many focused minds come together and demonstrate their passion for very worthy causes.

We have the pleasure of seeing community-minded individuals, groups and organizations on a regular basis. And it makes us better both personally and professionally. It makes us realize the importance of giving back to the community – and we are able to do that as a company and individually outside of the office.

We have a responsibility to give back – whether it is to give our time, money or energy – though it may seem cliché, giving truly is better than receiving. It is important to pour yourself and your passion into your family, friends and profession…but your community is something that deserves your passion, as well.

Choose an organization to donate to, an initiative to volunteer for, or a cause to support. You don’t have to invest every day of your life, but find time to invest, set aside a few dollars a month so that you can give a nice donation each year to your charity of choice. Share your cause with others and make them aware of the needs in our community.

Community investment can often be seen as self-gratifying, because you feel good when you do something great. However, the greatest gift is seeing the difference that a group of collective, like-minded, passionate individuals can make when they each pitch in to support a cause in which they believe.

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