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Make Your Brand Count

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Back in the day, a brand was something you attached to the hind end of your cattle to let everyone know who owned them. While that’s still true, nowadays, you associate a “brand” with your favorite coffee, car, beer, organization or other product or service.
Of course, a recognizable and relevant logo or trademark is the first thing people see, but it’s the product or service associated with the visual that truly creates the brand.  You can have a fantastic and creative design, but if your business doesn’t live up to the expectations, it doesn’t really matter.

Starbucks recently updated their logo by removing the “Starbucks Coffee” text that encircled the coffee siren in the center.  This works because the design is still recognizable – and reflects that the company has expanded its services beyond coffee.  Starbucks now markets tea and other items, like breakfast foods and sandwiches.

Coca-Cola goes to extraordinary lengths to protect its trademark typeface – you see that distinct cursive writing, and no matter what the letters are, the image still says, “Coke.”

So, what should you consider when branding your company for the marketplace?

  1. Know who you are and what you are trying to “sell.”
  2. Keep your image simple, clean and timeless.
  3. Make sure your product or service meets or exceeds the expectations established by the branding.

To capture who we are and what we do, we use a rustic wagon wheel image to accompany our “Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch” text.  It offers the ambiance of the western style without being too limiting, as we host events of all types, shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s simple and timeless.

We’re taking that design and using it throughout our materials to help reinforce the image to our target market. The goal is to have an effect like a branding iron — helping our guests associate Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch with a wonderful entertainment experience and memories for a lifetime.

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