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Proud to be an American

By 07/07/2011February 28th, 2020No Comments

In case you didn’t notice, this Monday was the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day. And amidst the grilling, partying and popping firecrackers, I got to thinking about what an honor and joy it is to call myself an American. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a country that allows me to follow my dreams and go wherever my heart takes me, and I feel so blessed that my son will have the same luxury.

One of the greatest things about the United States is the opportunity for the common man. There is great potential for individuals of every level of education – and the fact that we are afforded the opportunity to choose and obtain that form of education is a tremendous freedom. America was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and nothing exemplifies that more than the self-made man (or woman)!

Another thing that makes me proud to be an American is the amount of equal rights shared by all Americans. There isn’t a thing a man can do that a woman can’t. And while women have the opportunity to work and own businesses, they also have the right to be a stay-at-home mother. Their roles aren’t given to them, they create their own path. One could argue that racism is still somewhat of a problem, but our government is make strides to ensure equal right to all, including minority groups. Early Americans fled their homelands to escape persecution due to their religious beliefs and some nations still have this same hatred towards other religions. In the United States, the separation of church and state enables people from different religions to coexist and create a harmonious living and working environment.

I’ve told you my reasons why I am proud to be an American and I’d love to hear some of yours! Happy Independence Day, everyone!