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The Consumer Experience

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Customer service is the most important element of any professional industry. Happy customers and positive consumer experience can do wonders for your business – from event venues and restaurants to IT support and financial services. Make the experience count for your customer, client, guest, attendee or consumer.

There are a variety of ways to make the consumer experience impactful for each of your respective clients. Here are a few we often reflect on when considering each interaction with our guests:

THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Don’t leave out any detail when considering the customer experience. Each interaction you have, from the initial response to an email inquiry to the final goodbye after the event (or customer experience) has ended is important! Be consistent in your messaging. Be responsive. And showcase the positive culture of your company throughout the experience. Don’t just let the purchase or the event or the service be beneficial for the customer – rather leave them with a spectacular impression from first contact to completion.

PERSONAL TOUCH: In order to increase your chances of making a loyal customer or client, you must add your own personal touch. Every company’s personal touch will be a little different. Know your clients – and if you don’t, then get to know them – their likes, dislikes, birthdays, preferences. Use this knowledge to surprise client with cards, gifts or even just a particular way to provide your service. Brand your company by providing your own personal touch that will be recognized and appreciated by customers.

BE A CUSTOMER: Pay attention to your own customer experiences when YOU are the customer. Note the things that really make you enjoy a particular service or product. If you constantly remind yourself to understand the perspective of the consumer or the guest, you will better comprehend how to treat your own customers. Think of your own positive (and negative) customer experiences in order to offer the best you can to your client.

FOLLOW-UP FRENZY: Elicit feedback from your customers. Thank them. Tell them how much you appreciate their business. Send them notes, emails, tweets or Facebook messages. Always make a personal connection. Step it up a notch by actually visiting them at their office or calling them to talk about their experience (when this is appropriate). Develop a method to secure the voice of your customers, collect their compliments and their complaints and track their satisfaction level. If you don’t measure it, you can’t change it. If there are things you need to change, change them! There’s always something you can do to keep improving. So, jump on the follow-up bandwagon – because following up and personalizing your relationship with your customer can make all the difference.

You know you love being treated like you’re a one-of-a-kind, top rate consumer. Take those same things that you love and apply them to providing one-of-a-kind, top rate customer service to YOUR consumers.

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