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The Simple C’s of Relationship Building

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Healthy relationships make for a healthy business. Make it a part of your every day work to feed and nurture relationships – old and new. Keep these four C’s in mind when you think about relationship in your daily business.

The Four C’s of Relationships:

  • Chemistry – Developing relationships that have strong chemistry can make both business and personal relationships more beneficial. Chemistry cannot be measured by numbers, but by the feelings in the relationships. Make sure you try to create a good chemistry in your relationships; this is particularly a positive attribute in business relationships.
  • Care – Caring for your business and your relationships can help you grow as an individual, both personally and professionally. Show everyone you come into contact with that you care about who they are and what they do. You will begin to see a stronger bond in your relationships through your positive attitude and care for humans when you treat them as individuals and keep their individual goals in mind.
  • Communication – Healthy communication is the key to healthy business. Without proper communication, many businesses would not be able to maintain customer service and clients with the same ease. Without communication, business would not be possible.
  • Commitment – Be committed to your relationships. Showing your commitment to friends and clients is a great way to strengthen relationships. Strong relationships, especially in business, are valuable to maintain faithful clients. The best way to create loyalty in relationships is through continued commitment, regardless of any circumstance.
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