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Water, Nurture, Empower

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Consider a blossoming tree. Its roots are generally not visible from the surface of the tree. There may be a few at the top, but the rest are below the ground working hard to sustain life for the tree. It is hard to know the status of each of the roots – if they are holding on by a thread, reaching out for others to try to gain stability or strengthening the tree by enhancing its growth and nutrients. Each root may operate separately, but they all have a common goal to give the tree life. In order to do this – they need to be watered, nurtured and empowered.

In a business sense, your team of staff and employees are the roots of your blossoming tree.

Water: In order to help the business grow and flourish, your staff members must be in an environment where they can thrive and use their best talents. Create a positive workspace for your team by ensure that they are comfortable with their creative work area and their operational work area, respectively. Help them help themselves by providing them with the appropriate tools they need to succeed. Ongoing communication is vital so you and the employee are always in sync.

Nurture: Encourage your team members. Cheer for them. Provide guidance for them when they need direction or correction, but remember to also pay attention to positive steps and good work. Tell them, “Job well done!” Take them to lunch on occasion. Lead by example – show them how to inspire others by inspiring them. Remember their birthdays. Show them your gratitude. Find out the best way that they receive this gratitude and tailor your encouragement and kudos to each of your employee’s needs.

Empower: When your employees progress and succeed, empower them to own their tasks and assignments. Before you provide your respective employees responsibility, be sure you have confidence that he or she has the right skills, knowledge and resources to do the job. Make sure you have expressed that to your employee. While your employees should feel empowered to succeed, they should also know they hold accountability for their work. And hold yourself accountable as well. It is okay to make mistakes, but you should coach your employees to accept responsibility and learn from those mistakes. In doing this, they will learn, grow and eventually be in the position where they can empower others as you have empowered them.