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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

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It doesn’t feel like fall yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking of celebrating the slightly-cooler season. Whether you’re hosting a birthday, a big game-watching party, a fall wedding or celebrating holidays in-between, we’ve got some fun tips to ensure your guests will “fall” in love with your nod to the season.


When your guests enter the event space, the first two things they will notice are the smell and sights. Light a candle or burn oils of perfectly-seasoned scents like cinnamon, evergreen or sugar cookies to leave your space feeling warm and inviting. If you have the ability, softer lighting adds a nice flair and will remind your guests of the shorter days and longer nights of fall. When it comes to color, the best inspiration comes from right outside your window. When you look outside, you’ll notice dark greens, oranges, browns and dark yellows. When you’re decorating, look into buying pinecones and spraying them with copper glitter to make fun table decorations, you can also place several pinecones in a bowl to create a fun homemade centerpiece. If you want to add leaves to your décor, we suggest using fake leaves instead of real ones (sometimes real leaves have friends attached that make most unpleasant houseguests)!


For the Pedrotti family, the thought of fall instantly warms our cool noses as we began to think of all the delicious recipes we get to break out in the fall. We’re putting away the popsicles and fruit salads of the summer and looking toward a more seasonal menu. Cooler weather is a great time to enjoy piping-hot dishes like hearty stews and soups as well as fall staples like turkey and ham. When planning out your event menu, think of traditional dishes that you can update to keep your table looking modern and fun. Comfort foods like homemade macaroni and cheese or your grandmother’s sweet potato recipe are always in demand and will leave your guests thinking back to family holiday dinners. Try recipes with interesting fruits and vegetables like pumpkins and squash, both have interesting shapes and flavors that can be used in all sorts of dishes (plus they make great décor for your table). To end your night on a sweet note, include desserts like homemade or store-bought pies and cobblers.

We love fall and events at Pedrotti’s and we hope you’ve enjoyed our tips to making your fall events special!

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