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Halloween Party Hosting

By 10/12/2011July 14th, 2021No Comments

If you’re looking to entertain your guests this Halloween, I suggest picking a particular theme to your party. Too many colors and decorations could leave your guests downright scared! Here are some fun party ideas to ensure your space looks neat and organized, but still spooky and fun!

Candy Corn Theme

If Halloween brings out your sweet tooth, get inspired by the holiday’s most popular candy. Stick with colors like orange, yellow and white and feel free to go a little more traditional in the décor and menu. The environment should be more fun and light, rather than dark and scary. Games are a must and a “Guess How Many Candy Corns Are In The Jar” makes for a great activity and a gorgeous centerpiece to your refreshment table. I also recommend offering your guests a candy bar. Pick bright candies to fill jars of all different shapes and sizes. If you choose to have alcohol at your event, think about creating a signature drink and naming it, “The Candy Corn Cocktail” to really tie in your theme.

Ghoulishly Glam

If you’re looking to throw a little more style and sophistication into your Halloween party, use upscale colors like green and purple. Try finding some purple flowers in shades of plum and lavender to accent your tables. Draping your furniture in white linen gives the impression of a haunted house and protects your furniture from any unforeseen spills. Use lots of strands of lights to light your event and use a couple of black lights to add just the right amount of lowlights and flair. For this event’s signature drink, get a giant glass dispenser to serve your very own “Witches’ Brew.”

Blood Red

Want to raise the goosebumps on the back of your guest’s neck? Get inspired by deep reds and blacks from all of your favorite vampire movies. Give your space a spooky atmosphere with candles and low-lights. Try to find red treats and décor which will pop when you use black fabric to cover your tables and chairs.  For the signature drink, put a red concoction into a giant clear punch bowl and label it, “Vampire’s Blood.” For an extra fright, fill up two or three rubber gloves with water and freeze over night, plop these in the punch bowl for a decoration that’s sure to leave drinks cold and guests impressed!

Whatever theme you choose for your Halloween event in San Antonio, having clear and concise vision will help steer your party in the right direction. We hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky October!