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World Food Day

By 10/21/2011February 28th, 2020No Comments

This Sunday marked World Food Day. In honor of this wonderful holiday, I’ve found some interesting dishes from around the world that I’d like to share with you all. I admire the creativity in some of these dishes, but thinking about them definitely makes me appreciate the wonderful food we make right here at home.

One popular dish in Asia is fugu, which is basically the internal organs of a pufferfish, including the liver, intestines, and reproductive organs. I didn’t know one could eat pufferfish as I thought they were poisonous. The poison in fugu is over twelve hundred times deadlier than cyanide. This dish must be absolutely delicious for people to eat it.

Although quickly becoming accepted around the world, jellyfish doesn’t exactly sound like a food with the most appetizing texture. It’s a common in areas like China, Korea, and Japan. Most of the organs are removed, the jellyfish is compressed, and finally it’s salted. It arrives at your house in neat little packages, ready for cooking.

The Japanese candy maker Lotte teamed up earlier this year with Ghana, the popular chocolate manufacturer to introduce the first ever chocolate flavored Ramen. I love Ramen, and I love chocolate, but I can’t say I’ve ever thought about combing the two as a delicious treat. Maybe I can whip up a serving for Ashley and I for dinner!

Originating in Scotland, the European treat, haggis, features minced sheep liver, heart and lungs, mixed with stock, spices, oatmeal and various other additions. These ingredients are boiled in the animal’s stomach for hours. While this treat doesn’t sound the most delicious, I must give them credit for being resourceful.

Have you tried any of these dishes? I can’t say I’ve ever even seen any but I’d like to know what they taste like! Have you ever tried any other strange dishes from other continents? Please share with us!